lundi 24 septembre 2012

Tortured Hooker : An Offender's M.O. Can Change. Static And Rigid Remains The Signature. [Hospital Productions 2010]t

Tape, C20, limited to 200 copies
Genre : noise
  • Sex Swirl Toilet Corpse Parts I-33 
  • Dildo Rape Attack Parts I-45  
  • Pose And Degrade Parts I-24 
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Tortured Hooker : Asshole Play Is Her Favorite [Hospital Productions 2010]

Tape, C10, limited to 35 copies
Genre : Noise
  • Only Objects Allowed, No Cock Parts 1-16 
  • To Shy For Asshole Fucking Parts 1-32  
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Tortured Hooker : Sexual Homicide: Patterns And Motives [Hospital Productions 2009]

Tape, limited to 98 copies
Genre : noise
  • Special Contact 
  •  Sexual Aspect Of Burglury 
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Tortured Hooker : Koreatown Fellatio [Hospital Productions 2009]

Tape, limited to 76 copies
Genre : noise
  • The Guts Of A Burgler 
  •  The Courage Of A Serial Killer
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Saito Koji : Dreamers [Somehow Recordings 2011]

CD-R limited to 30 copies
Genre : ambient

  • Dreamers Part 1 (20:00)
  • Dreamers Part 2 (20:00)
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mardi 11 septembre 2012

Hive Mind / Damion Romero : Return to Steam [Chondritic Sound 2009]

Genre : Noise
2x Tape, C30 limited to 50 copies

  • Hive Mind : Untitled (15:13)
  • Damion Romero : Untitled (14:53)
  • Damion Romero : Untitled (15:12)
  • Hive Mind : Untitled (14:55)
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Hive Mind & Dead Brain : Unearthed Union Three [Chondritic Sound 2008]

Genre : Noise
Tape, C30 limited to 99 copies

5 untitled tracks

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Re-ups 11/09/12

Hive Mind : Vade Mecum
Hive Mind : Elemental Disgrace
Hive Mind / Luasa Raelon : Alabaster Catacombs
Hive Mind / Dead Brain : Unearthed Union Two
Luasa Raelon / Hive Mind : Night Maintenance

it's reboot time !

Hi everybody,

after months of looking for a suitable filehost, and losing a whole bunch of files after the deletion of both my rapidshare and mediafire accounts, i decided to restart the blog once more... As everything in here is now gone, i'll begin to re-up old material and adding some new stuff. Feel free to comment here if you have records you would like to re-appear first. By the way, we also accept submissions here, so again, don't hesitate to send me links to your work... As they said... Resistance is useful, we won't be assimilated... let us spread the word !