mardi 11 septembre 2012

it's reboot time !

Hi everybody,

after months of looking for a suitable filehost, and losing a whole bunch of files after the deletion of both my rapidshare and mediafire accounts, i decided to restart the blog once more... As everything in here is now gone, i'll begin to re-up old material and adding some new stuff. Feel free to comment here if you have records you would like to re-appear first. By the way, we also accept submissions here, so again, don't hesitate to send me links to your work... As they said... Resistance is useful, we won't be assimilated... let us spread the word !

1 commentaire:

glueckselig a dit…

Great that you are back, you were strongly missed!
Good choice to start with hive mind and ajilvsga.
Every dead machines reup would also be very welcome!