mardi 15 novembre 2011

New Noise Net Presents

Hi folks,

As you may have noticed if you're a regular here, I like this blog to be an experimental platform and not only a collection of links. Some experiments proved valid (like the merging of pure noise and other forms or the FB page), some went down (like the forum). The other day, as i was deleting the shoutbox which was heavily spammed during my forced absence, i thought it was a shame to lose the many links you posted on your own creations. So from there came the idea of NNN Present, a new series of posts about... you ! If you're a musician, working in the genres featured on the blog (noise, drone, experimental, idm, field recordings, found sounds, collage, ambient...), just send me a link to your (unreleased) album or EP with a short presentation of the project - where you came from, what you want to express... - i'll listen to everything, i promise, and will post here the best ones under the collective name of New Noise Net Presents. Like a netlabel without the label if you want. So, i'm waiting for your input at chnnlzr [at] .
PS : For the time being, please don't send me single tracks, unless there long enough to be a release on their own. I'll probably make a call for shorter tracks to be released as a compilation in the near future.
PPS : If you also have records released and want to share them here, it's ok of course, i'll be glad to add them to the bulk of NNN. Just send me a link to it, with the title, the year and the label name (and a picture if possible), and voilà.

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