vendredi 25 novembre 2011

[New Noise Net Presents:] Infinite Meniscus : Liminal [no label 2011]

Genre : drone, minimal, ambient

A great record from Chicago artist Rob Patterson which composes here the soundtrack from an (hopefully) upcoming book. Here, he manipulates a vast array of instruments, from guitars to oboe, field recordings to singing bowls, and creates an haunting soundscape. What else to say ? According to Rob, "Musical influences in this project include Eluvium, Fjordne, Popol Vuh, Xela, and Steven R. Smith. I would place the genre somewhere around ambient, experimental and noise". So, enjoy it here, and if all works out, there will be some vinyl pressings in the future. Anyways, thanks a lot to Infinite Meniscus, and congrats on being the first artist on NNN Presents...

  • Liminal
  • Graveyard Fields
  • Clambon River
  • Interloper Interlude
  • Words of the Oracle
  • The Blood of Trees, Frozen in Time
  • Cernunnos
  • Getsu
  • The Grove
  • Of Arcadia
  • In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni
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