mercredi 13 avril 2011

V/A : PM50 [Peasant Magik 2010]

Genre : Drone, experimental, folk, ambient...
8xCD-R, limited to 200 copies

Natural Snow Buildings

  • Curse Of The Devil
  • The Bottomless Pit
  • Restless Cat's Paradise
Fabio Orsi / Throuroof
  • Fabio Orsi : A True Afternoon
  • Throuroof : This Analogue Winter
The North Sea
  • Calvin
Andrew Paine
  • Syrus
  • Kittens Of Wolfhill
  • The Radioactive Cat
  • Minnie's Tale
  • Charles Forster Kane
  • In Search Of Mus Musculus
Valerio Cosi + Gregg Kowalsky + Fabio Orsi
  • Running On Walls
Super Minerals
  • Aleph
  • Beth
  • Gimel
  • Daleth
Big Blood
  • The Sound And The Sea
  • South Of Portland
  • "Have You Seen Rainbow"
  • Lay Your Head On The Rails (And Comback)
  • Mouth Of Seven Tongues
  • Destin Rain
Pillars of Heaven
  • Retirement Water
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Luke Pillman a dit…

Hi! I was wondering if you could reupload this when you get the chance, I'm dying to hear the Natural Snow Buildings tracks! Thanks! :)

Luke Pillman a dit…
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