lundi 15 novembre 2010

I had a Dream...

Well, it's a recurring one for me... i dream of a huge platform, not only this blog, and not only by me, where we can all share our love for noise and experimental music. A forum like or surreal moviez are for movies (by the way, these are great sites), where you can wake up one morning and find that somebody has share the complete merzbow discography, or the entire wolf eyes gigography. A place where music, whatever its initial print run or success would never be forgotten or lost. Isn't it a cool dream ? As you must have seen, i'm often prone to inactivity on this blog, because of other commitments in life, but that doesn't mean i stop listening to / search for / download music, nor that you have to be deprived of it. So in my opinion, the forum is the best solution. It's ever expendable, totally horizontal in its way of posting (there are no hierarchies here, not a single poster and some lurkers, everybody gives everything to everybody) where we can also discuss, argue, on a more free manner than in the comments, and that could also be a source of infos about liveshows, podcasts, interviews, a real social network about experimental music (but without a movie, thank you). Unfortunately, my previous attempts at building a forum (before NNN) were always blocked by the fact that i use only free hosts, and that they interpret all links given as a piracy (which it is, in some ways, let's be honest). So if there's one of you that know how to build/host/run a forum (i'm a lame computer user, all i can do is "moderate" in some ways, and post of course), i'll be happy to test this new adventure... just send me a mail at chnnlzr [at], and see how we can work this out.... have a nice noisy day in the meantine



PS : some more ideas as i think about it listening to new findings... we could also share here the latest netlabel releases, review everything, track some old obscure precursor that made noise in the 30's and that only your local library has an LP, share photos, our own tracks and samples, tips for musical creation of noise, everything... it could be a massive database on all experimental music... nice, eh ?

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c.reider a dit…

Interesting idea, and something we in the netlabel underground have been talking about lately.