jeudi 1 juillet 2010

A change of file host !

I know that a lot of you wanted it to happen for a long time, but i was reluctant to leave rapidshare. First of all, it worked fine here, which is not the case of many other file hosting services, plus its collector account gave me the opportunity to get rid of the waiting period for a while when i downloaded files, thanks to you... But... But their new system is a mess, and their new "rapids" mostly seems like a way to make us pay for what was once a free service. Today, for instance, as i was trying to upload files for my next posts, i was told that i overcame the amount of stuff i'm supposed to post there ! So it blocked me. So, that's it, i'm away from rapidshare. The files hosted there won't be deleted and i suppose you got some time before they disappear (2 months i think), but they won't be reuploaded on RS, ever ! This last bunch of records were the last i uploaded on rapidshare, after that, they all will be on mediafire, beginning with an expanding records series that i'm uploading right's way slower, but it seems to work fine...

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