mardi 30 mars 2010

Christopher Willits : Plants and Hearts [Room 40 2007]

Genre : ambient
  • Plants and Hearts (21:30)
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myrkursoli a dit…

Hello there,
Been reading your blog for quite a while and I've found quite a few music gems from time to time... If you've got time check out my project's debut cdr... You can stream the whole album in our page : or download it for free here
Let me know what you think...

"Toilets In Japan is a supersonic trio constructing distinctive and complex sound statements using improvised techniques in manipulating synth-driven sounds, loops, unconventional rhythms under the spell of contemporary DIY culture. The recordings draw influence from mass holiday travel packets, patterns of pedestrian interaction in metropolitan areas, baby-carrying supermarket wheels and factory farming practices.
Their debut cd-r was self-released on March 2010."

Cheers, mate...