jeudi 28 janvier 2010

Emeralds : Allegory of Allergies [Gods of Tundra 2007

Genre : Drone
Tape, C120
  • Nereus (Spirits Over The Lake)
  • Lawn Of Mirrors
  • Vicious
  • House Of Mirrors
  • Mistakes
  • Underwater Mountain
  • Snores
  • Arbol Del Tule
  • Light Is Cool
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2 commentaires:

Duck a dit…

This is my fave Emeralds. I hope there's a CD reissue eventually! (I know there's an LP already)

monkeyfishrule a dit…

Hey, this is Weird Ribs, I'm giving away my album and new EP for free. And thought you folks would enjoy.

Think: Emeralds, Stellar Om Source, Tangerine Dream, Growing, Cluster, Eno, James Ferraro

Download the album here:

and the new EP here:

for more information, visit the myspace:

All the best