vendredi 15 janvier 2010

Birchville Cat Motel : Birchville Cat Motel [Insample 1997]

Genre : experimental, noise
  • Cast Iron Teether (8:07)
  • So Sad Doll (10:52)
  • Rimrider (11:54)
  • Allandale Triple Culvert (10:36)
  • Twelve Roses High (14:44)
  • Transparent Soul Fragment (6:54)
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2 commentaires:

Birsa a dit…

why the fuck are you STILL using rapidshare??? it' impossible to download from that site unless you have a premium account!!!

Channel Zero a dit…

because i like rapidshare, and i don't intend to change (and there's no need to be rude). it's the only uploader with a decent upload speed where i am. and for the record, i don't have a premium account, and i download scores of files on RS. You just have to be patient... or put it that way, while you're waiting, t gave you the time to listen to what you just downloaded...