samedi 30 mai 2009

Dead Machines : Dead End At Olson St. [Ypsilanti Records 2006]

LP limited to 500 copies

"I can only imagine what goes on at the home of husband and wife duo John and Tovah Olson – John Olson is of course from Sub Pop noise terrorists Wolf Eyes and Tovah is from avant-folk fellows Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice. So what the hell do they get up to? Well this by the sound of it, Dead End at Olson St. could very easily be the sound of the two relaxing after a hard day at work, flipping the telly off and banging pots and pans together for an hour or so, having a quick blast of the saxophone, a quick strum on the guitar – but being careful to pipe it all through a chain of broken effects pedals and amplifiers. Yep, it’s that good – all astute noise fans know that Dead Machines records are few and far between, so you have to pick the good ones out, and this one is for me up there with the stellar John Weisse collaboration ‘Falling Lights’. If you’re unfamiliar with this stuff then maybe the best way to describe it is to say that it sounds like you’re being tortured by insects in a muddy hole, while heavy industry rolls over above you, clanking and crunching as it goes. It’s a bumpy ride but we wouldn’t have it any other way. “John your dinner’s going cold, stop sampling the sink and get down here!” On super limited white vinyl and housed in a gorgeous zombie laden sleeve, how ever can you resist the charms of Dead Machines?" (from Boomkat)
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