vendredi 16 janvier 2009

Zeitkratzer & Terre Thaemlitz : Electronics [Zeitkratzer Records 2008]

  • Down Home Kami-sakunobe (8:36)
  • 500 Years Orbit (7:20)
  • Sloppy 42nds (5:54)
  • Hobo Train (7:43)
  • Superbonus (25:39)
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2 commentaires:

ln a dit…

Thanks for the work about this blog. It seems to be a gold mine.
I have a question tough and don't know where to ask it : do you know other blogs that presents creative contemporary music (not in a pop/popular way, like waht we can find on your "friend blogs" (from that I come from and need no help), but more in the Zeitkratzer's way for instance).
I would like to dig that but i don't find much sources (yours in my bookmarks now...).
Thanks for your help ???

ln a dit…

I'm back...
If you had to tag the genre of music Zeitkratzer is making, what word would you use ?
Thanks for your help (again...)