mercredi 10 décembre 2008

Asher : The Depths, The Colors, The Objects & The Silence [Mystery Sea 2007]

CD-R limited to 100 copies
  • Partly Framed In Sunlight (19:58)
  • The Blue Gently Linked (24:20)
  • Plastic Dusk (22:05)
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2 commentaires:

Duck a dit…

Thanks, this guy is great! In general I prefer the more ambient noise (and noisier ambient) to the flat-out skronk (which I also like, but a little goes a long way). Maybe you could say something about the things you post, just to introduce them to us? In any case, thanks again and keep it up!

the static fanatic a dit…

asher is brilliant! a very deft touch in what he does!