samedi 11 octobre 2008

Robedoor : Ritual Heirs [Not Not Fun Records 2007]

CD-R limited to 165 copies
  • Phasing Grace (10:08)
  • Mirage Of White Crowns (15:01)
  • Wasted Estate (11:08)
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2 commentaires:

FreeCT a dit…

Hey man, this blog absolutely kills. All your posts are great.
Thanks, keep up the good work.

philanoia a dit…

I like some of Merzbow's stuff, and most of Prurient's stuff, and some Whitehouse stuff (to name a few of the legends), but I guess I just don't get Robedoor. I've tried to give these records the benefit of the doubt and several listens, but my conclusion is a simple one: they are boring. Tepid, boring and uninspiring. Meh. I'm sure I'd get criticized for not 'understanding' it or whatever, but whatever. It's just boring. Period.

That being said, thank you thank you thank you for the great blog and all the links. Just offering my two cents doesn't mean I don't appreciate NNN.